Saturday, July 2, 2011

Many exciting developments

Exciting news the first: I actually finished something!

My Tappan Zee (aka the Zappa Tee) was feverishly finished at 2 a.m. last Saturday in an attempt to wear it to the open house at Sunshine yarns. I blocked it like a madwoman, which included me waking up after 5 hours of sleep and drying it with a hair dryer. There were many worried glances from the boy, afraid I had lost my mind. I love the way that it turned out and think it will quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. However, a 95 degree day in June was probably not the best day to debut it.

Exciting news the second: Speaking of the open house at Sunshine yarns, I scored some YUMMY YUMMY yarns. I ended up with two beautious skeins of sock yarn that I hope to turn into Double Helix, and 750 yards of sport weight in Blackberry (no pictures yet) that I couldn't stop drooling over. I'm not yet sure what it will become, but am excited to find out! It was also a very stellar way to spend a Sunday - good yarn, good food, good yarn, good company, good yarn, a gorgeous view, and did I mention the yarn? I feel lucky to have stumbled across such a stellar group of ladies to knit with.

Exciting news the third: It seems that the trend of making noticeable progress on projects continues. The Coraline and The Dude continue apace. I have finished the 8,493 rows (OK, it's only 110) of never-ending stockinette for the Coraline and am halfway through my first sleeve and last week at Knit Night, I completed the back of The Dude. I am surprised how much I'm loving knitting the Dude. I love the yarn, I love the pattern, and it's flying by. I think the fact that I can only work on it when P isn't around is keeping the love between The Dude and I fresh and exciting :)

Exciting news the fourth: I am having my first linen experience! Kate from the BKC had a sample knit she wasn't really feeling and asked me if I wanted to do it. I have to be honest, when we were originally talking about it, I thought she was referencing this Liesel, which has long been in my queue to knit. However, she was talking about THIS Lisel. This is a knit I don't know that I would ever choose for myself, but I'm surprised how much I'm liking it. It's good "zoned-out" knitting, and I've knit about 9" in three days, so clearly it's flying by. I'm pumped that I'm trying new things, that I didn't have to buy the yarn, and especially that after its life as a store sample, it's going home to me! (Pictures coming soon, they're not very impressive at the moment)

Exciting news the fifth: We moved to Denver! Tonight is our first night in our new place, and I couldn't be happier. My commute to work will be reduced by 40 minutes each way and we're closer to the majority of our friends (and things in general). The house is adorable, and we have a porch, a backyard, a garage, a garden and a hot tub.

Exciting news the sixth: Dudes. I have a yarn room. It's still a work in progress, but P has already set up our "old lady chairs," and tomorrow, we bring down the baskets and bookcases that will attempt to contain my stash. I am so excited about making this room my own, and for all the promise it has!

Shameful news: I finally have assembled all my yarn in one place. I took the biggest box of all the ones that P brought home from work (that white one) and... I couldn't fit it all in. Granted, it's only one sweater's worth that didn't fit, but the point is that it didn't fit. I always talk about how small my stash is, but after seeing it all in one place, I don't know that I can claim that anymore.

I'm surprisingly OK with that :)

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